Judging Criteria

Our judging panel consists of AI Architects, Researchers, Marketers and Product Managers with extensive hands-on experience in the development and commercialization of advanced AI solutions. Each judge brings a proven track record of practical implementation, ensuring a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges inherent in AI innovation.

Evaluation Metrics for the AI Recognition Awards are based on the following criteria:
1 Problem Scope: Judges assess the clarity with which the application defines the problem, significance, relevance and business application that the AI solution intends to solve.
2 Differentiation: Winning an AIR Award can set your business apart from competitors, driving top-of-funnel sales growth and increasing your market share.
3 Expected Results of Solution: The judges examine the potential impact of the AI solution, design assumptions, mitigation of risk factors; evaluating the expected outcomes and benefits as well as the solution's capacity to meet the identified needs.
4 Case Study Implementation: A critical review of a representative case study is conducted to gauge the solution's effectiveness and practical application within the past year.

Judges Behind the Awards

Meet some of the experts entrusted with the responsibility of recognizing the brightest in AI innovation. Our independent judge panel is comprised of professionals who are leading the adoption of AI in their respective fields.
Johnnie Linn
Johnnie Linn brings a wealth of expertise to the AI Recognition Awards judging panel. As an AI Solution Designer at AWS, he consults with government agencies on integrating AWS AI technology to accelerate their goals. With a strong background in managing software development teams and tackling complex data challenges, Johnnie offers valuable insights for organizations implementing AI solutions, making him an esteemed judge for the AIR Awards.
Kaveen Kumarasinghe
Kaveen's is an experiences AI software engineer, working at OpenAI and works with the opensource community.
Tara Emory
Tara is an experienced consultant in AI legal applications and process, eDiscovery and InfoGov, and serves as an expert witness and court-appointed expert for eDiscovery issues. In litigation, she is an expert on search methodologies, TAR/AI, data preservation and collection approaches, discovery protocols, and strategies for resolving discovery issues with litigation adversaries, government regulators, and the courts. Her InfoGov practice includes data management and compliance, AI data governance, privacy, policies, records management technology, and defensible disposition. Tara is a lawyer, Chambers-ranked individual in eDiscovery litigation support, certified Project Management Professional, and experienced participant in leading industry advisory groups.
Dr. Jacobson
Doug is the Director of the Iowa State University Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and Outreach and an Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor.  He is the lead PI in the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity sponsored ReCIPE coalition which is focused on securing cyber-physical systems.  He has worked for years on ways to include cybersecurity in courses and the general population.  Doug also created the Iowa Cyber Hub, which is dedicated to increasing the cyber workforce in Iowa.  Doug has given over 300 presentations in the area of computer security.  He also created the cybersecurity ambassador program targeted at the general public, K-12 students, post-secondary students, and employees.
Chris Yoon
Chris Yoon, a digital retailing product manager at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, brings a unique blend of extensive experience in marketing, strategy, and technical team management to his role as a judge for the AIR Awards. His proven track record of driving business growth, forging strong client relationships, and leveraging customer insights makes him an invaluable asset in assessing AI innovations and their potential impact on the market.
Chetan Sood
Chetan Sood, a Senior Solution Architect at Tech Mahindra, brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the AI Recognition Awards judging panel. With a focus on designing and managing architecture for AI, big data, and enterprise systems, Chetan has successfully delivered end-to-end solutions for major clients such as British Telecom, AT&T, Vodafone, and Bell Canada. His extensive technical expertise and industry knowledge make him an invaluable judge for the AIR Awards.
Asma Shajrawi
Asma Shajrawi brings over 18 years of experience in Product Strategy to the AI Recognition Awards judging panel. With  in Computer Science, Asma has led multinational teams across IoT, Data Monetization, AI, and Enterprise Apps. Her impressive track record includes launching successful products for Bell's Smart Energy solution, and IoT big data applications contributing to revenue growth and operational savings. Asma's extensive expertise makes her a valuable judge for the AIR Awards.
Lou Friedmann
I create top and bottom line impact for growth-focused fintech firms/founders, with AI as a key part of my arsenal. I'm x-M1, Bento, Insureon, and optionXpress. I bring hands-on experience from zero to exit. 6 of my companies were acquired, 5 made the Inc. 5000, with typical 3 year growth of 500-5000%. I am a player-coach at work and on the field. I like to experiment. I'm a mentor, yogi, hubby and dad.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown is a disruptive placemaking authority, featured on Fox News, The Chicago Tribune, and Crain’s Chicago Business. Renowned for his expertise in seamlessly integrating millennial consumer engagement to foster vibrant communities and elevate city branding. Nick has curated platforms that spotlight nearly 1000 innovative entrepreneurs, executives, and influencers across various industries. Not only does Nick excel in his role as a placemaking expert, but he also thrives as a distinguished abstract mixed media painter, blending artificial intelligence with his art. He is the visionary behind the Wondertonk AI Festival and a captivating speaker known for leveraging emerging technologies to enrich cultural communities.