Why Compete ?

Maximize ROI and Drive Long-Term Value: Discover How the AI Recognition Awards Deliver Tangible Benefits for Your Startup.
Assessing the ROI
Award Packages for Winners
The AI Recognition Awards program is a unique opportunity to win an industry award that is respected by many third parties affiliated with a company, including investors, corporate buyers, business partners, even prospective employees and executives. Unlike other pay-for-play marketing and PR opportunities, once an award nomination is submitted, it’s reviewed by a panel of experienced judges working in the private and public sector who share one common denominator regarding their experience: tech.  During the competitive review process, the judges evaluate and score each nomination, which when tabulated among the pool of nominations, will reveal the award winners within each category.
Each award winner is objectively selected by their peers and provides independent validation as well industry credibility to the company or individual receiving the honor. That third-party endorsement can then be repurposed in many forms, including placement of the digital award banner on owned media (website, blogs, social media channels) and marketing collateral, inclusion in a press release, as well as posts on social media.

Assessing the Return on Investment (ROI) of Participating

Investing in the AI Recognition (AIR) Awards can yield significant returns for businesses looking to excel in a crowded, competitive AI landscape. The benefits of winning this esteemed awards program far outweigh the investment when leveraged effectively.
Key ROI Indicators
1 Accelerated Sales Growth: Winning an AIR Award can set your business apart from competitors, driving top-of-funnel sales growth and increasing your market share.
2Securing Enterprise Clients: A prestigious accolade boosts your chances of landing lucrative enterprise accounts by validating your capabilities and gaining the trust of demanding procurement teams.
3Enhanced Credibility and Brand Recognition: Industry-specific awards, like the "AI Recognition Award for Governance, Risk and Compliance," elevate your brand's credibility, fostering trust and attracting prospective clients and partners.
4 Competitive Advantage: Gain a valuable edge with third-party validation from an esteemed panel of AI practitioners, establishing your company as a distinguished leader in the AI market.
5Amplified Publicity and Business Opportunities: Enjoy increased visibility and recognition, opening doors to new connections and collaborations that can propel your business forward.
6 Improved Sales Funnel Conversion: With an AIR Award, your product stands out during the awareness and research phases, increasing the likelihood of prospects considering your offerings and fostering sustainable growth.
Winning an AI Recognition award would provide brand awareness and exposure that would cost thousands of dollars if not more via a Cost per Impression (CPI) or Cost per Mille (CPM) strategy.

How To Leverage An AI Recognition Award

Winning an AI Recognition (AIR) Award is a significant accomplishment, offering a multitude of opportunities to amplify your brand's visibility, credibility, and success. To fully capitalize on the benefits of this esteemed accolade, it's essential to leverage it strategically across various channels.
1Earned Media Exposure:
2Owned Media Exposure:

3 Paid Media Exposure

Understanding Earned, Paid, and Owned Media: A Comparison Featuring the AIR Awards

Earned, paid, and owned media all serve unique roles within a comprehensive marketing strategy. While paid media drives immediate exposure and owned media builds brand identity, earned media, as exemplified by the AIR Awards, fosters credibility and trust among target audiences. By leveraging all three media types, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts and achieve long-term success.

Earned media

Earned media focuses on generating publicity through influencers, industry recognition, and competitive award programs. The AI Recognition (AIR) Awards serve as a prime example, providing an opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves and gain credibility through expert evaluation. This type of media fosters organic growth and bolsters a brand's reputation and is high-leverage when used in owned media and paid media.

Paid Media

Paid media involves investing in advertisement channels, such as search engines, purchased media coverage, and affiliate marketing. Examples include Google Ads and featured articles in an online magazine. While this approach can yield quick results, it often lacks the authenticity and trust that earned media provides. It's essential to balance paid media with other strategies to maintain a well-rounded marketing approach.

Owned Media

Owned media encompasses a company's online presence, including websites, landing pages, blogs, and social media profiles. This channel offers businesses complete control over messaging and branding. However, it requires consistent content creation and optimization to remain effective. Integrating recognition from competitive award programs, like the AIR Awards, into owned media can enhance credibility and further engage audiences.

AIR Award Winners and Finalists Receive

The AI Recognition Awards are the premier platform for celebrating trailblazers (individuals) and innovative AI technology. Our awards recognize the innovation, dedication, and technical excellence of individuals and companies driving progress in the adoption of AI technology.If an individual or product is nominated for an award category, the panel of judges may rank a nominee as the Winner or a Finalist should they score within the top-three of a given category.
AIR Award Badge: The prestigious AI Recognition (AIR) Awards digital emblem distinguishes recipients as trailblazers and leaders in AI, allowing them to proudly showcase their success across various platforms, including websites, social media, and sales presentations.
AIR Awards Category Badge: is a distinctive emblem that highlights the specific area of excellence achieved by each winner. This larger square badge proudly displays the category in which the recipient has demonstrated outstanding innovation and leadership, such as 'Best Use of AI in Healthcare,' offering an impressive visual testament to their achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
Increased Brand Exposure: through our extensive promotional channels, including the AIR Awards community, press releases, and a comprehensive social media program. Award winners ONLY enjoy amplification of the brand.
Earned Media Strategy Development ($1500 Value): Develop a media strategy with a seasoned marketing executive and professor.  The earned media strategy includes guidance on how to get an exponential increase in brand awareness, including leveraging paid media and owned media strategies.
Exclusive access: to our invaluable community panels and industry workshops led by experts in marketing strategies. These resources are designed to help elevate your brand, expand your reach, and connect with a broader audience, empowering you to make an even greater impact in the AI industry.
Custom tailored press release: crafted exclusively for your organization, products, and leadership, this personalized announcement will showcase your achievements and amplify your success story across the AI industry and beyond.